Silos collapse ‘like dominoes’ in Swellendam

Fourteen silos holding about 11 500 tons of canola seeds collapsed at the Sentraal-Suid Koöperasie (SSK) in Swellendam on Tuesday, 01 December 2015, at around 08:30 am.

CEO Erenst Pelser said: “About 08h30 this morning I received a call from one personnel. I rushed down there and when I arrived 14 silos were down,”, “Fortunately no personnel were injured and that’s actually a miracle. Luckily, they were on the other side of the premises, busy on the wheat and barley side.”

A team of engineers were expected in Swellendam on Wednesday morning to investigate the cause of the collapse, and also to advise the agricultural co-operative how it could recover the canola seeds.

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