Eco Impact can service your ISO 50001 needs. We currently provide Energy assistance to clients throughout Southern Africa.

Carbon Tax Workshops

  • Workshops covering the applicability of the Carbon Tax Act, IPCC categories, the National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations, the Customs and Excise Act, and how to calculate Carbon Tax liability

Management Systems ISO 50001

  • Development and Implementation of Energy Management Systems to ISO 50001 standard;
  • Systems surveillance auditing aimed at determining the extent of compliance to relevant system requirements.

Online Legislation Registers

  • Online legislation registers containing summaries of applicable national, provincial and local authority energy legislation;
  • Access to all relevant energy legislation;
  • Legislation updating service to keep you abreast of changes to the law. Legislation registers are updated to reflect consolidated versions of the legislation. In general, the information on the Registers will be updated monthly by means of “Monthly Update Reports” which will detail any actual or proposed changes to the legislation as well as “Urgent Update Reports” which will be dispatched if and when required.

Legal Advice

  • Provide legal opinions on a variety of energy issues.