Eco Impact can service all Environmental Assessment and Management issues on site as and when required or on a retainer basis. We currently provide Environmental Management assistance to numerous clients throughout Southern Africa.

Management Systems ISO 14001

  • Development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001 standard;
  • Maintenance and continual improvement of Environmental Management Systems;
  • Online Content Management Systems that allows you to effectively manage your ISO 14001 requirements from the start of this process;
  • Systems surveillance auditing aimed at determining the extent of compliance to relevant system requirements.

Due Diligence 

  • Environmental due diligence assessments aimed at determining the environmental condition of land.

Legal Compliance Auditing

  • Environmental legal compliance auditing aimed at determining your compliance with national, provincial and local legislation.

Sustainability Auditing

  • Assurance on your sustainability reporting initiatives;
  • Assess accuracy of sustainability indicators;
  • Improve data and reporting accuracy.

Online Legislation Registers

  • Online legislation registers containing summaries of applicable national, provincial and local authority environmental legislation which can be linked to your environmental aspects;
  • Online access to all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Legislation updating service to keep you abreast of changes to national, provincial and local authority law and regulations. Legislation registers are updated to reflect consolidated versions of the legislation. In general, the information on the Registers will be updated monthly by means of “Monthly Update Reports” which will detail any actual or proposed changes to the legislation as well as “Urgent Update Reports” which will be dispatched if and when required.

Aspects and Impacts

  • Compiling site specific aspect and impact registers including the identification of site and process specific legislation;
  • Internal training on the methodology used to determine aspects and impacts.

Environmental Authorisations

  • Facilitating the process of obtaining EA  and amendments to EA and assist you with all matters relating to the legal and administrative processes required in order to obtain an Environmental Authorisation;
  • This includes basic assessments, full scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to include Air Emission Licence (AEL), Waste Licence (WL), Water Use Licence, s24G etc.;
  • Environmental management plans (EMP) covering both the construction and the operational phases;
  • Auditing of EA conditions and or WL, AEL, EMP, and Water Use Authorisations, etc.

Carbon Tax Workshops

  • Workshops covering the applicability of the Carbon Tax Act, IPCC categories, the National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations, the Customs and Excise Act, and how to calculate your actual Carbon Tax liability.

Environmental Control Officer

  • Environmental Control Officer (“ECO”) to ensure that the EA conditions are met. This is accomplished by regular site visits;
  • Environmental Control Officer (“ECO”) services include monitoring compliance in terms of an EA, Environmental management program, waste licence, air emission licence, water use authorisations, permit conditions, standard operations and procedures, policies and relevant environmental legislation;
  • Develop check lists, which can be used to verify internal and closure compliance;
  • The ECO reports that are generated can be submitted if required to relevant competent authorities.

Environmental Permits and Licences

  • Municipal permits and registration;
  • Dealing with compliance notices and directives.

Legal Advice

  • Provide legal opinions on a variety of environmental issues.

Waste Management Plans

  • Waste assessments;
  • Development of Integrated waste Management Plans.

Environmental Site Management (including but not limited to)

  • Developing environmental strategies that ensure corporate sustainable development;
  • Leading the implementation of environmental policies and practices;
  • Co-ordinating all aspects of resource use, pollution reduction, waste management, environmental health, risk assessment and employee involvement;
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation;
  • Developing pollution control, pollution prevention and recycling programmes;
  • Auditing and reporting on environmental performance to internal and external clients and regulatory bodies;
  • Identifying, assessing and reducing an organisation’s environmental risks;
  • Keeping abreast of environmental legislation and good practice;
  • Managing the development and implementation of an environmental management system;
  • Training staff at all levels in environmental issues and responsibilities;
  • Writing environmental reports;
  • Maintaining regular contact with regulatory bodies;
  • Combining environmental management with other regulatory responsibilities, such as quality and safety;
  • Understand, interpret and advise on environmental legislation;
  • Compile project reports, tenders and environmental reports and present project proposals;
  • Project Management;
  • Undertake site assessments and environmental audits on behalf of clients;
  • Problem/ Risk management;
  • Identify environmental risks and develop appropriate mitigation;
  • Identify practical solutions in terms of environment and sustainability;
  • Prepare environmental management programme reports;
  • Prepare advisory documentation and working documents for clients (on an operational and corporate level);
  • Prepare feedback reports on overall operational compliance and other requirements;
  • Provide environmental support and advisory services;
  • Document reviews.

Online Internal Audit Application

  • Developed by a team of legal audit specialists;
  • Linked to your Online Legal Register (if you are an existing legal register client) or a standalone audit tool on a personalised website;
  • Conduct bespoke internal audits against the current legal requirements;
  • All audit criteria are updated as and when the law changes;
  • Unlimited amount of users;
  • Select the “I don’t know and need assistance button and have access to our EHS specialist attorneys;
  • Choose from 29 audit categories;
  • If required additional categories can be customised for your business.