Welcome to Eco Impact

Who We Are

Lawyers, natural scientists, environmental assessment practitioners, auditors, environmental control officers and data base administrators.


  • Environmental, Health and Safety, Energy and Food Safety Legislation Registers;
  • Environmental, Health and Safety, Energy Management Systems (Implementation and Auditing);
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Auditing;
  • Sustainability Auditing;
  • Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Environmental Control Officers;
  • On-Site Environmental, Health and Safety Management;
  • Training Workshops Incorporating Environmental, Health and Safety, Energy, Food Safety and Legal Compliance Matters.

Our Values

Eco Impact is committed to:

  • A spirit of innovation which drives the development of outstanding products and services;
  • Exceptional levels of professionalism and service delivery;
  • Integrity and respect in our dealings with our clients and with each other;
  • Commitment to preservation of the environment and to community responsibility; and
  • Constant improvement.