Silo collapse at Majuba Power Station

On the 1 November 2014, all seemed well at the Majuba Power Station with all units running at normal capacity. At approximately 12:30 the operating staff reported a visible crack on silo 20. All personnel were thereafter immediately evacuated. At 13:20 silo 20 collapsed. As a result of early evacuation no injuries have been reported and the area has been secured and protected. The output of the station was immediately reduced from 3 600 MW to 1 800 MW and is currently running at 600 MW.

Mr Chris Yelland the MD of EE Publishers has said that the silo was last inspected in September 2013, and should not have collapsed. he also said that a three-month long investigation into the collapse would probably take place to explain how it collapsed. The causes could include weakness in the concrete, corrosion in the steal, vibration-related issues, or stress caused by the conveyors.

What are the effects on the country?

Yelland has said the following: “Hopefully, in the interim, they can limp on at least at half capacity and, by using energy sparingly, the country could get by,” he said. “I have little doubt that in coming months we are likely to see more rotational load shedding.”

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