Pregnant Construction Worker Critical After 12m Plunge

Spokesperson for ER24 Russel Meiring has said that a pregnant construction worker is in a critical condition after she had fallen while working on scaffolding at a worksite near Town Bush Road in Chase Valley, Pietermaritzburg. It is understood that she had uncoupled her tether to move to another section when she slipped and fell nearly 12m. It is believed that she hit scaffolding on her way to the ground.

Russel Meiring said “Paramedics arrived on the scene to find the patient lying among the nearby scaffolding,” Meiring added that “Paramedics assessed the patient and found she had sustained a serious injury to her head as well as her back. Treatment as well as advanced life support interventions were performed on the patient to stabilise her vital signs,” “It is understood that the patient lost her footing, causing her to fall the four storeys and collide with the scaffolding.”

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It appears that the requirements in the “Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997: Regulations in Terms of Section 87(1)(B) Code of Good Practice on the Protection of Employees During Pregnancy and After the Birth of a Child” have not been complied with.

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