PetroSA to frack offshore

Hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling (collectively known as “fracking”)  are the recently combined technologies used in the extraction of oil and natural gas from shale bedrock. With the frequency and intensity of fracking on the increase, a significant amount of evidence has surfaced to demonstrate the danger of fracking to people, communities and the environment.

PetroSA are planning to use fracking in one of its natural gas fields about 110 kilometres offshore from Mossel Bay and to dispose of the returned fracking and flowback directly into the open ocean, without SA regulation or supervision.

Fractual – an organisation dedicated to informing South Africa about fracking, climate change and renewable energy has prepared a report to oppose PetroSA’s plans to frack. The report highlights a number of concerns that are organised into various themes, but what is apparent is the great need for further study and greater transparency about the impacts of fracking.

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