Fracking triggers 4.4 magnitude earthquake

British Columbia’s Oil and Gas Commission has confirmed that the earthquake that was felt in Fort St. John and Fort Nelson in August of 2014 was triggered by fluid injection during hydraulic fracturing. Canada’s Green party is calling for more investment in sustainable energy following the confirmation that fracking triggered the 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

The Green party leader Elizabeth May issued a statement saying that “this earthquake confirms that fracking is dangerous and an environmentally irresponsible practice”. May said an earthquake of this magnitude could “have devastating implications” for the environment and the Halfway River First Nations community.

May said in a statement: “The link between earthquakes and fracking has been proven, so why does (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper continue to allow fracking, while providing subsidies to big oil companies? The Green party is against subsidies and supports to the oil, coal, gas and coal bed methane industries in Canada. These industries are not sustainable and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions”.

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