Factory Fire Causes Oil Spill – Durban

A clean up operation is currently underway at the Port of Durban following a fire which broke out at the Africa Sun Oil Refineries in Mobeni on the morning of the 26 March 2015. On Thursday morning a huge plume of smoke could be seen coming from the factory. It is not clear if there have been any injuries caused by the fire as yet. No information regarding the potential cause of the fire and the subsequent spill has been released.

Transnet National Ports Authority said it is working around the clock to contain the “edible” oil spill. Transnet spokesperson Ayanda Mantshongo said: “In an effort to prevent the oil from entering the port, the port authority has deployed booms across the Umhlatuzana Canal, including at the confluence of the canal and the port. This has helped to contain the oil within the silt canal area adjacent to the Bluff Yacht Club.” Transnet has said that bio-absorbing agents are being used to absorb the oil, the oil is also being skimmed from the surface of the affected areas.

The Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife and KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife have been alerted by the port as there is a risk of fish, birds and other organisms being affected by the spill.