Cape Town in good position even if winter rains are poor – deputy mayor

Dam levels are 10% higher than the City of Cape Town’s projections for the end of summer so the city is in a good position even if the coming winter rains turn out to be below average, says deputy mayor Ian Neilson.

“And the water consumption by Cape Town is well under the target we set of 650-million litres a day since we relaxed the restrictions in December. It’s about 609-million litres a day, which is quite satisfactory. But the current water restriction levels are appropriate until we know what the winter rains will be like,” Neilson said on Monday.

Plans for the R1-billion permanent desalination plant, which would deliver 100-million litres a day, were going ahead as an insurance against another Day Zero-type drought.

Neilson said the site for the plant had not been selected, but those under investigation included Cape Town harbour, Koeberg power station and sites in False Bay.

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