Bid To Make Mines Safer

The mine health and safety summit was held in Johannesburg on Wednesday 19 November 2014, convening under the theme “Every worker returning from work unharmed every day”. The Chamber of Mines had announced an initiative to make mining safer and to provide skills to workers, resonating the summits theme: achieving “zero harm” to mine workers.

Spokesperson Zingaphi Matanzima had said in a statement that “The industry has prioritised the health and safety of workers as an integral part of being in business and being good corporate citizens and the sector’s moral obligation to do all that is possible to achieve zero harm.”

Chairperson of the Mine Health and Safety Council and chief inspector of mines, David Msiza, said that mining fatalities had been reduced from 615 in 1993, to 270 in 2003, and then further reduced to 93 in 2013.

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